lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011

Quick Assist and new builders

This last week of GSoC has been really productive in terms of user interface additions. Apart from completion, which I showed a couple of days ago, EclipseFP now has quick assist support. Quick assist means that for some kinds of errors, a small light bulb is shown in the left side of the editor. When you click it, ways to correct the error are suggested, and if you click on it, automatically applied.

Most of these fixes were already implemented by JP Moresmau, like adding a package to the Cabal file, removing redundant imports or adding a Language pragma to the file. My work in those has been to make them more discoverable and available through the light bulb icon. Apart from those, you will get the ability to add an import for a function that is not found (it even works if you qualify the item, making the new import qualified).

The rest of the work I want to present today was done between CamHac and the end of the last week. I've always felt that Haskell programming was not only writing Haskell code, but also writing code in tools like Alex, Happy or the UU Attribute Grammar system. Those tools allow you to express some constructions better and more concisely, and I thought that it would be nice to have them in EclipseFP.
So now you have syntax higlighting and automatic building of those files.

Last year I was studying at Utrecht University and really liked their Attribute Grammar System. The tool has a lot of options, and now you can configure them inside EclipseFP. Even more, the configuration is saved in the same format that the one used in uuagc-cabal package.

This has been all for the summer. A new EclipseFP release with all the features should be available very soon :D

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  1. Wonderful stuff. So far I've only started with Haskell and only tried leksah but I will definitely give EclipseFP a try. I already use Eclipse for Java, Python, Clojure and Scala so it will be great to also use it for Haskell.
    Keep up the great work.