miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011

Autocompletion and more

In the past week I've continued adding features to EclipseFP. For example, now you can edit Alex, Happy or UUAGC files directly in EclipseFP, and you will get syntax highlighting (taking into accounts which zones are Haskell code and which others are non-Haskell). Last weekend I've attend CamHac. That was a wonderful experience to know new people, and also to collect suggestions and improvements for the plug-in. Two of those suggestions have already been implemented.
The first one is a tighter integration with some of the web frameworks available in Haskell-land. In particular, you can create Snap and Yesod projects directly from the New Project wizard in Eclipse, provided the neccessary tools are installed. Also, I've linked some content-types to existing web editors, so you will get HTML editor for a Heist template, CSS editor for a Lucius template and so on.
The other feature that most of the people requested was autocompletion. I didn't implement that before because my knowledge of both Eclipse and Scion was lower, and didn't really know where to start. But after these 3 months I've been able to come to a solution to the problem, and I'm delighted to present the new revamped Haskell code assist for EclipseFP:

In the following days I plan to implement more of the suggestions in my TODO list :D

4 comentarios:

  1. Looks beautiful! When will this be made publicly available?

  2. I'm just now discovering all the work you've done this summer; this is awesome! I should have followed your Summer of Code from the start!

    In just one summer it looks like you've implemented all the things which I thought Haskell environments lacked. I can't find words for how grateful I am.

  3. Thanks! :D
    I don't know exactly when a new official release of EclipseFP will be made available, but I suppose in a few days.