martes, 9 de agosto de 2011

EclipseFP build error on Ubuntu Oneiric

UPDATE: the bug has been solved in Oneiric, so this PPA is no longer needed. I leave this here only for reference.

If you try to install EclipseFP on a Ubuntu Oneiric (the next release which will have the number 11.10) you may get the following error when scion-browser is built:
ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened)
 (GHC version 7.0.3 for x86_64-unknown-linux):
       loadArchive "/usr/lib/ghc-7.0.3/ghc-7.0.3/libHSghc-7.0.3.a": failed
This is due to GHC 7.0.3 being packed in Debian with a stripped libHSghc. I don't know well what that means, but makes impossible to use have ghc as a dependency while using Template Haskell (something scion-browser does). In Debian unstable this has been fixed upgrading to a new GHC version, but in Ubuntu it seems that we will have to wait until the bug is fixed.
In the meanwhile, I've created a PPA archive with the GHC version in Debian (7.0.4-4) and rebuilt the haskell-platform package and its dependencies. This means that you can get a working Haskell Platform with a working version of GHC following the instructions about installing.
The downside is that the PPA only contains the core Haskell packages and the rest of libghc-* packages in Ubuntu are not compatible with these version. So you will have to use cabal install to get any other package in a system using the PPA, even if the library has been packaged in Ubuntu.

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